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A Gift Guide for An Interiors Lover

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Our Polly & Me HOME range has been super popular! Looking back to the beginning of 2017 when we first released the home range in addition to our modern calligraphy wedding creations we can't believe how much the product range has now extended.

Each of our homeware accessories and products feature our iconic and hand written designs and quotes and each all make the perfect gift for loved ones or as a little treat yourselves. 

If you have not discovered our homeware range yet, we have put together a guide below. This range offers the perfect gift solution for the person who loves homes and interiors. It each product also offers some great personalised touches to make the gift even more special. 

Wall Hangings

Wall hangings in your home provide a welcoming, cosy environment and often can communicate your family values. Whether you are looking for a piece of art to add personality to your bedroom or living room, or both; our versatile Polly & Me wall hangings add a loving touch.

Wooden hanging sign

Personalised Family Names Banner

Our stunning A4 sized banner is made from the beautifully textured Cotton Rag paper and is hand written on in a mixture of Modern Calligraphy and Block Lettering, using a traditional dip ink pen with black ink. 

personalised names frames

Personalised Macrame Calligraphy Wall Art

Interior touches at its best. A striking collaboration between Polly & Me and The Golden Yarn Co. We have created a one off personalised piece that truly adds character to a room. This can include any phrase or sentiment.

Macrame banner


Candles in the home provide an incredibly relaxing environment and many use them simply for pleasure. Candles also create a cosy atmosphere and can really add softness to a room, instantly making it feel warm and welcoming. Our Polly & Me candles add not only a beautiful scent, but design adds style to any room. 

Whether you opt for our personalised wooden wick candles or our modern calligraphy modern wick candle, they will most definitely make a great gift. 

Personalised Candles


Polly & Me have a range of stunning, original artwork that can make the perfect sentimental statement in your home or as a bespoke gift for a loved one. You could choose to buy multiple prints and frame them all together, or you could have individual prints around the house. Most recently we have been seeing lots of ‘shelfies’, offering a modern take on grouping prints and images together. 

home prints

We truly love personalising our homeware range and so if you have any creative ideas for your home please do not hesitate to get in touch!