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unique business signage

At Polly & Me we work with a range of businesses to help them nail that first impression for their clients and customers. We feel that the best lettering and design is when practicality meets personality which is why every personalised signage we produce is customisable so that each business can choose colour, design, shape, material and the style that best suits the business. 

unique hotel signage

Polly & Me believe that the perfect signage can bring together the professional and the personal to create memorable messages. We have been providing creative signage for events, bespoke lettering within businesses and personalised items and walls within businesses for some time now. We are excited to announce that new for 2018 we are introducing our bespoke business range which includes laser illustrated key fobs, guest books and signage, which is perfect for hotels, b&b’s, wedding venues, shops and restaurants/cafes. 

Inspiration for business lettering

Directional office signs

Does your workspace need some stunning signposts in the main areas? Why don’t you guide your customers and clients in style and put them and your business on the right track.

Instructional signs

Does your event need to lay down the law with some beautiful signage? Whether you need the classic ‘no smoking’ or ‘turn off your mobile’ or you want to add some fun signs to your event, we can cater for your vision. 

Promotional signs

Polly & Me can promote any aspects of your business through beautiful wording, your logo or your brand values. 

Do you have an upcoming event or manage an office that you feel needs a touch of creativity adding to it? No request is too big or too small, we simply love being challenged and creating one off design statements. 

If you would like to discuss bespoke art work being added to your workplace, please get in touch.