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Learn A New Skill With Calligraphy

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modern calligraphy workshops in Nottinghamshire

With our April calligraphy workshops now available to book, we thought we would take a look into our how they work and whats involved for anyone new to Polly and Me. 

We have now been holding modern calligraphy workshops across Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire for the past two years and have had so many lovely people walk through our doors to pick up a new skill. There are often a range of reasons that someone would attend one of our modern calligraphy workshops, and these include the following:

- Some people join us to learn modern calligraphy to be able to handcraft and embellish their wedding stationery and signage.

- We have some workshop attendees who join us as they have small businesses of their own and a touch of modern calligraphy would help to add some personalisation or extra detail to the main product. 

- Our workshop attendees also join us as they just love to be artistic and set themselves a new creative challenge. 

- We also have people join us who just want to do something different and relaxing. Get away from the norm and spend time with like-minded people. 

- Some of our guests turn up with no expectations at all, as the workshop was gifted to them from a friend or family member. Our workshops make a fantastic gift for someone who is a little creative and likes to learn new things. 

What Happens During The Workshops?

The workshops go at a steady pace to take you through the stages of picking up, learning and practicing modern calligraphy in the right way. There will be opportunities to practice at each stage and ask questions along the way. Everything you need will be provided in your very own kit package and as always, we will have tasty treats on offer. 

Once you have completed the beginner's workshop, you will be able to book onto our seasonal workshops, which require the initial skills learned at the beginner's stage. 

If you would like to book your place on our latest workshop listings you can click the button below. Book fast as there are limited spaces available.