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Have Wedding Stationery, Will Travel.

Polly and Me CalligraphyAlexandra WhittemoreComment
modern calligraphy wedding stationery to take abroad

I often speak to people who tell me that they would love Polly and Me modern calligraphy stationery for their wedding day, but they are getting married elsewhere in the UK (outside of our Nottingham base) or abroad. I am always a little shocked when people say this as believe it or not, I supply lots of brides and grooms all over the world and all over the UK with their wedding stationery!

I guess wedding stationery and hand illustrated modern calligraphy wedding signage is something people wouldn't consider to travel well, but it does; extremely well in fact! As an example, you would be surprised to see how small a package our ‘good to go’ stationery range packs down into. I have very often sent enough of this pre-designed stationery package for 10 tables in a beautiful little package across the world, straight to someones wedding venue. It is something you could take with you in your luggage too and we have had lots of customers do this. Of course, this is providing you haven't already over-packed for the beach! 

In terms of posting within the UK, well this is super easy for us. We send packages out almost daily with our Polly & Me HOME range and we have the perfect packaging system to ensure your wedding stationery arrives with you in the perfect condition. We can even send our iconic wedding scrolls through the post too! 

You will find lots of our wedding stationery and pre-designed ranges available to order on our website, that we will then post directly to you. Although its not always possible to meet in person, we are happy to hold a telephone consultation if you wish to discuss your bespoke modern calligraphy stationery requirements that require posting. Just get in touch with me to find out more about my stationery, tell me your ideas and make me jealous with your wonderful wedding location.