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Last Minute Wedding Stationery

Polly and Me CalligraphyAlexandra WhittemoreComment
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As you probably know, I create a wonderful range of bespoke wedding stationery which is often designed specifically for each of the brides and grooms that I meet. What you may not know is that I have a collection of pre-designed stationery that you can order for your wedding too. 

Maybe you have left it a little late to fit in a stationery consultation slot. Perhaps you changed your mind about the style you were looking for at the last minute. Often I have had couples who have tried to create their own stationery and time quickly escapes them at the last minute and they could do with someone to do it all for them. Whatever your reason, this quick and easy service will provide you with stunning stationery for your wedding, in record time. Let's break it down into a little more detail…

  1. You can choose from the seven stationery designs below.
  2. Each wedding stationery design package will contain all your bespoke details such as guest names on the place cards and table plan. 
  3. You can choose from a range of ink colours on your modern calligraphy wedding stationery and if you choose the watercolour effect, you have a choice of colour there too!
  4. Everything is handmade, packaged up and sent directly to you, anywhere in the world. Yep, that's right. If you are getting married abroad, we can send it directly there for you. 
  5. It is really quick and easy to order and you can place your order through our website. 

How about that!? Beautiful wedding stationery that is still bespoke to you, created and sent to you directly with no fuss and no consultations required. We only need four weeks lead time for this service too. So, if you have left your wedding stationery as the last item on your wedding ‘to do’ list, fear not, you can still have stunning, hand-illustrated, modern calligraphy stationery at your wedding.