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Knowing Your Strengths and Outsourcing

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Sometimes it hard to admit that you can’t do everything. We all like to think we are superwoman/man. However, something I have definitely learnt whilst running my business over the past few years is to play to your strengths. I know where mine are; my hand illustrated designs, unique and original creations and concepts for creating and displaying wedding stationery. But within this I have identified areas that I still need support with. 

I could create every component of each of my products myself, but after lots of experience I have realised that just doesn't make sense within my business. Take my laser cut cake toppers for example; if a bespoke order comes in, I would still hand write the chosen artwork, but I would then send this to a trusted supplier to laser cut for me in the chosen material. For me, this cuts down on the time I would spend creating something that I am not 100% competent at. I am a great calligraphy artist, but a laser cutter is another thing. Whilst I could do it, I don't imagine that I would get the perfect finish that my supplier achieves; I would also spend lots of time making errors. The cost of these errors is often passed onto the customer in many businesses, meaning that being outsourced to professionals, my products are likely to be much more cost effective. 

Another method of outsourcing I use is for my lovely homeware range. Where the candles are concerned, I of course create the beautiful hand illustrated modern calligraphy artwork on the outside of the candle jar; but I do not hand make the candles myself. I leave this up to the professionals. This means my customers get a beautiful looking candle jar and the most wonderful scented candle using the best products. 

beautiful homeware and wedding gifts
beautiful homeware and wedding gifts
beautiful homeware and wedding gifts

I am proud of my outsourcing and delighted to bring you some amazing products which I have collaborated on with other small businesses, who happen to be wonderful professionals in their field. I love that it gives me the time and focus to bring my customers the very best of my skill strengths and it allows me to be creative in developing fabulous new products and concepts for the future.