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Letters From Santa

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letters from santa

Although we LOVE Christmas and the excitement during the run-up to Christmas dinner, wine and games; for us, Christmas truly is about seeing the look of excitement on your child’s face. And for younger children, the excitement starts even earlier which means thinking outside of the box when it comes to keeping the magic alive. 

A personalised boxed letter from Santa Claus

Can you imagine the pure joy on your child’s face when they receive their very own letter from Santa?! 

As we are all aware, children are turning into ‘little grown-ups’ SO fast, so what better way to enjoy the Christmas spirit and to keep the Christmas spark alive than with a personalised letter that leaves your children guessing. 

personalised letters from santa
Letters from santa

Each personalised letter comes folded inside a Navy envelope, sealed with a wax stamp bearing the initials SC, your child’s name handwritten on the front and tied with golden twine. This then comes presented in a white posting box, with stamps form the North Pole Sorting office, tied with red ribbon and wooden Gingerbread man baring your child’s initial. The address on the front is written exactly how the man himself would describe your house. 

Each letter is written to a set wording, explaining how much preparation Santa has going on and mentions how Mrs Claus has been baking gingerbread all day! There are personalisation opportunities for name, behaviour and your child’s favourite toy. 

letter from santa

To ensure your child is surprised when receiving their letter, we advise that you place the boxed letter on the door matt on your chosen day in the run-up to Christmas, or you could put it into their Christmas eve box if this is an option, the choice is yours. 

If you have any questions about Santa’s letter or have any particular words you would like to use within the letter, please do not hesitate to contact us as we love creative opportunities. 

… we just wish this was available when we were children!