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Product Feature - Menus

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menus for weddings

Today we are taking a look into another one of our popular and iconic wedding stationery products, menus. 

Providing a menu at a wedding has become more and more popular over the past couple of years. Even if you are not providing options for your guests, it's nice to let them know what they will be eating. 

Although they look so beautiful at weddings, they can also be designed for other special celebrations such as birthdays, corporate events, anniversary’s, festive celebrations or an extra special dinner party!

Menus are a very important element of the wedding stationery range, and can be vital on the day itself, especially when guests get ‘hangry’ and want to know what they will be eating. With the opportunity to design your menus in any way you desire, they can really add that extra touch to your special day. 

We have designed a whole range of different types of menu, but we always love to hear new and exciting ideas to challenge our creativity. To provide you with some inspiration for your menus, we have some ideas below from our previous creations. 

Hand Written Headed Menus

Whether you fancy textured, printed or plain card, metallic ink headers really add that extra ‘wow’ factor. We also offer a little more customisation if desired, you can have copper/gold leaf added, water colour or customised ink. This can be a great way to make the menu work as a place setting too, by having the guests names added to the top of the menu. 

wedding stationery menus

Shaped Menus

A lovely client of Polly and Me chose to have a hexagon shaped design throughout her wedding, from scrolls, to menu’s and an individual hexagon to hang old family wedding photos. These menus were displayed on an antique desk and really added a different dimension to the traditional menu. 

wedding menu ideas

Scroll Menus

A scroll menu is a great way to combine the drama and style that a scroll provides with the functionality of letting your guests know what they will be eating, and when!

Scroll menus for weddings
menu ideas for weddings

Table Runner Menus

Similar to the scroll, but laid across each table, with the end pannel carrying the menu information. This is another great way to make your menu and wedding stationery work in numerous ways for you, alongside your styling. 

As we said, we are happy to work with any ideas you have. So just get in touch to discuss your exciting plans for your big day.