Polly & Me

a shiny new website!


When a business takes off with a bit of speed it can leave you spinning, feeling overwhelmed, excited, terrified and immensely proud.

I think I have felt each of these emotions on a daily basis since I took the plunge into self employment about 10 months ago.

So here I am in the midst of the 2016 wedding season, working on a shiny new website (by working on a website I mean writing the text while the incredible Chloe Adlington does all the hard work!!!), taking bookings for 2017, getting orders out, setting up weddings and planning workshops all while trying to figure out Christmas?! It's mental, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

There are the wonderful moments of calm, like yesterday for example. Sitting working on some place names, thoroughly enjoying the calming process of calligraphy, when the realisation hits of “This is work. This is my Job” – cue the pride I mentioned earlier!

So how do you like the website? I adore it. The work that Chloe has put into this is amazing, every detail thought out and how seamless it feels! I can’t thank you enough, Chloe!

I hope to guys looking at booking a wedding or custom work, it makes the whole process a little easier? A lot less rambling in an email from me, taking screen shots of my work from instrgram! (Go take a look at that though, I do still love a good Instagram).

You also have the option of filling out an enquiry form about wedding stationery and I can automatically send you a price guide! How swish is that? Of course, I have no idea how it works.

You can also join the waiting list to be the first to know about future workshop dates here.

I will be updating this blog quite regularly, whether it’s about a real wedding, a photo shoot I have been honoured to take part in or a sneak at new products. Like I said earlier, Christmas is coming quicker than I would like!

So keep checking back here for updates on all things PollyAndMe.

Allie x